Nadia Worsley sets out to execute strategically aimed press campaigns to brand clients into leaders. We take a product or a person or a place that we believe in and we bring it out to the public. We make it popular. We figure out, it’s a strategic process of bringing it out to the consumer, identifying what your target audience is and getting that information to them. From writing press releases, pitching the media, to taking your client down a red carpet, to bringing them to interviews. We identify the target audience and we market it to gain lasting popularity for our clients.

Services include:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding

Nadia Worsley Publicity sets out to change the way brands interact with their PR partner and achieve incomparable success.


Nadia provides great marketing information for artists and creatives.—Brittany Parker

Many words can describe you, but none can factor the way you aspire to inspire others by dedication of work. —Fargo White Franklin IIIf

Nadia has done such a great job helping our magazine get on the map that I referred her to my associates and they came back with raving results. – Jimmy Finks

Nadia is a highly influenced innovator and has trained several of my clients and employees to brainstorm and develop their long term goals while pursuing entrepreneurship and artistry. —- Krissy Miller (Chief Executive Officer of KandyKane Konsultants

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