It’s no surprise that when you’re talking to a boss female that you better come correct or don’t step to her at all. I think every woman entrepreneur from around the world is clapping right now and sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s time to lay some things down. Don’t worry ladies, I’ll let these men know what time it is. It’s School O’Clock and class is in session.


Aggressive or assertive? Bitchy or blunt? This has has always been a huge debate based around women and it will forever be a debate. Women entrepreneurs are assertive and that’s not up for debate. I’m a strong female who has a mind of her own, which means that I have opinions just like males that need to be heard. News flash, this isn’t the 1930s where women are not allowed to speak on issues.


Alpha Women:

You will find that entrepreneur women are alpha women. They are viewed as strong, dominating women who are majestic. Alpha women can often be seen as intimidating to those around her. She’s not afraid to ask for what she wants and she gets straight to the point. That saying is true, alpha women don’t run in packs. They are often found doing things solo.


Educated Partners:

It’s no surprise that most alpha females come from an educational background. So with that being said, they gravitate towards men who also come from an educational background. It’s attractive, don’t you think? Well…duh!


Problem Solvers:

Women are natural problem solvers by nature. If you ever want a problem to be solved, just ask a female entrepreneur because she will alway have a solution to every problem. Women who run businesses look at how to fix problems and how it may affect things later down the line.


Work More Than 9-5:

Lady bosses are hard working females so they tend to work more than 9-5. This means their day starts before day in the morning and ends late at night. There isn’t enough time in one day for a busy business woman.



There is no doubt that female entrepreneurs are leaders. That’s how majority of the women end up running their own businesses. Most, if not all, probably was the head female in charge (HFIC) at their previous job.

Men, before you start digging female entrepreneurs, please note that their time is valuable so yes, they will be picky about who they share their time with. Don’t feel bad. You just have to step your game up. You still looking for a boss chick or nah’?


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