Meet the artist & actor: Dennis White

Dennis White

1. Tell us about Dennis the actor and Dennis Da Menace, the hip hop artist.

Dennis Da Menace is wild, risque and edgy like a rogue revolutionary. The difference between a sober soliloquy and a Drunken Dragon style. I embody both.

2. Do you ever find yourself mixing up your personalities?

Both personalities are a part of who I am. So depending on the circumstances, pressure or attitude, either one could reveal itself. The Art just magnifies each one.

3. So you have landed some roles in major TV series such as Law & Order, Parenthood, and The Closer. Which did you have the most fun and which one was the most difficult?

I have the most fun when I am working. Period! Parenthood probably was the most fun and the most difficult. It was fun because of the cast and how loving the crew and Producers were. It was difficult because I had to toe the line of being intimidating and vulnerable at the same time. Mistah Ray was something else. LOL!

4. Which TV series did you feel was going to be the breaking point for your acting career?

The TV show I hosted at Fusetv was the breaking point for my career. Daily Download. It gave me a platform to create my character and connect with a lot of influential industry people. I learn so much about the industry in those 3 years. It was the turning point from trying to get in the business to actually being in the business.

5. So you played Damien (D-Roc) Butler in the critically acclaimed Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious”. Tell us how that went.

Such an amazing opportunity. It opened so many doors and eyes to the talent that God has given me. Plus I was already a huge fan of Biggie so that made it just that sweeter. I’ve built bonds with castmates from that film that will last a lifetime. And D-Roc was a real straight up street dude so the respect is given wherever I go. If you knew all of the folklore tales I’ve heard about this guy it would blow your mind. He was all that and more. I would love to do a movie just on his life and times.

6. How did you get the opportunity to land that role in Notorious?

I actually booked that role without my agent or manager’s involvement. It was an encounter with the casting directors at my acting coaches’ class. I debated my claim that I should audition and I was challenged and I rose to the occasion. The opportunity to be apart of Christopher Wallace’s legacy is and will always be an honor. With the talent level and the historic implications I had to bring it every day on set. I think that film will be a timeless classic. The amount of love I get from those that have seen the movie is incredible.

7. We see you’re a ladies man. Lets talk about you being on “Lets Talk About Pep”.

HaHa! Well, I have dated several Women in the industry. But that show was fun. Pepa is a wonderful Woman and we had some good times. It’s challenging when your relationship is publicized but we were so real with each other it didn’t destroy our synergy.

8. You’ve gained a massive following from the ladies. Is that something you expected? Do some of them still try to reach out to you even though it’s long after the show?

I’ve always had ladies in my life. From High School, to college to the industry. Some as lovers, friends, big sisters or stalkers. LOL! I do have some that still try and get their spot back but I’m all about progression and NOT regression. I have plenty of Women that I’ve dated that have evolved to strong and sincere friendships. It’s a testament to the realness of our connection.

9. Some of your followers want to know, are you currently single?

Well….. See….How my relationship status is set up. LOL! Hmmmm….I was in a well publicized relationship with someone who wasn’t a good person. It was something that I tried to make work but you can’t turn shit to sugar no matter how hard you try. It didn’t deter me from dating within the industry, though. Everyone that is in the limelight isn’t mentally unhealthy, just her. So…..I am dating right now. I’m happy. And I’m at peace.

10. Since you’ve been very busy in the industry, wearing many different hats, how do you balance family time and work?

For me, Family is everything. I do have 1 child and I love him to death. My family and friends understand the plight of being in this industry. I make it a priority to engage in family time. We are only on this earth for a short amount of time so we should cherish those that matter.

11. Is your family supportive of your career?

Very much so. My Mother is a gospel writer and musician, so she gets it. My Father is my advisor (whether I want him to be or not. LOL) They have seem me in every stage of my career so they are very proud and compassionate. I love my Family!

12. What is your next venture? Are you currently working on any new projects?

I am currently bringing back a one man show that I did off Broadway in New York a couple of years ago. It’s called, Die Laughing. It’s about a stand up comedian who finds out he has breast cancer. It’s a very intense piece. I am also starring in a feature called Vault. We are in pre-production for that. The cast is amazing. Can’t wait for the world to see that. And of course, I am still hosting my Acting Workshops across the Country. My company is called ACT LIKE YOU KNOW! Carl Payne and I will be in Detroit next month working with up and coming Actors.


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