I finally got a chance to catch up with LA artist G-Mac between his busy schedule to pick his brain about his latest projects, music and his take on trying to make it to the top as an underground artist. You might want to process what this talented artist had to say. But, be careful, he’s not sharing his lane with anyone, leaving no room for competition in the rap game.


1. What sets you apart from other LA artists?

I think what sets me apart from LA artists is my work ethic. Im not sitting around waiting for handouts. I have always been a leader and and a go getter. I feel like LA artists only make one genre of music which is uptempo ratchet music that we need to break away from.

2. Tell us about your clothing line? How did it come about? What is the meaning behind Trap History Month?
I have been doing my own clothing line for about 4 years. I started off with a brand called “Side Nigga Nation” or “SNN” as most people know it by. It all started off as a joke. One of my boys was telling me about a situation where he felt like a female he was talking to was messing around on him which wasn’t funny but I kind of laughed about the situation an said “bro i think she got her a side nigga” an from there, I said damn, I think that shit would be a dope clothing brand. So I printed up a couple of samples of clothing an before I knew it, I had people hitting me up every other day to buy “side nigga” hats, shirts, hoodies etc. It didn’t stop there. The next idea I had was “THM” which is short for “Trap History Month”. I got the idea of course from “black history month”. I feel like people get up everyday and “trap” and not just in a negative or drug related manor. Getting up everyday for work to keep food in the fridge or provide for your love ones is trapping , “trap history month”. It aint just in February. Every month the grind to be successful don’t stop thats my definition of “trap history month”. I also have a clothing brand for it which you can find on my website
3. When did you decided to break into the rap game?
I started rapping about 4 years ago. It started off as a hobby. I remember going to guitar center and cashing out on studio equipment just messing around trying to teach myself how to use it lol. It took me hours to figure it out but I saved a lot of money having it and recorded over 150 songs on it. Over time, I ended up falling in love with it. I got a rush out of recording dope music an hearing people quote my lyrics on Instagram an other social media platforms.
4. Do you feel like you have competition in the music industry, especially being an underground artist from California?
I feel like there is a lot of competition in the music industry. Every one wants to be a rapper now until they see what it really takes to make it. The long nights in the studio, the money it cost to get your music quality to even sound presentable to get people to even hear your music , i feel like coming from the west coast i’m bringing a different sound then what people from LA have to offer. Not just the cliche ratchet style.
5. Who is your biggest inspiration in the music industry? Dead or Alive?
I would definitely have to say Lil’ Wayne is my biggest inspiration in the music industry. Ever since I was in high school, Lil Wayne was all anybody ever talked about. His work ethic was ridiculous, mixtape after mixtape not even months apart from each other, then hopping on other peoples beats and doing better on it than they was. That was crazy to me.
6. Who writes your music?
I write my music.
7. As a new underground artist, I know how hard it is trying to get your music out to the public. In the past year, how have you gone about getting your music out to the public? 
Me personally, Im more of a get in the streets and promote kind of artist. I want people to get the music directly from me and see my hunger and passion for this music. I have literally pressed up over 30k mixtapes an hit up different high schools, colleges, malls, and even in different states.
8. From your first mixtape, Side Nigga Nation to your current mixtape, Trap History Month, do you think you have grown as an artist?
I feel like i have matured a lot since then, more so making music every one can relate to. People want to feel your music and want you to paint a picture in their head. I have learned to not just do party music which is what LA is based on, as i have traveled to different places, I realized we are the only state that really listens to that sound of music so I had to revaluate the kind of music i wanted to put out if i wanted to get my music to be heard world wide. If I want to be successful, I have to do everything from trap music to club music to R&B music.
9. Why do you think so many underground artists don’t make it to mainstream?
I believe a lot of artist don’t make it to mainstream because their scared to be different. These labels get tired of hearing everybody tryna’ sound like each other. Then you have certain artists who rather be underground so they don’t have listen to the labels and they can do they own thing.
10. Random Question: Is it difficult to date while trying to build your career at the same time? 
I feel it is very difficult to date someone while trying to pursue your career with all the models , groupies and late night studio sessions that you have to be apart of every other day if not every day. Women are very insecure sometimes. As artists, we do give them a reason to be but its all about communication and trust if you and your partner have that understanding. Then its possible it can work.


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